Oct 28, 2005

Quit Smoking and Get Sick?!?!?

Okay talk about bad luck or something! I quit smoking a month and three days ago and then get sicker than I've ever been in my whole life!
A couple of weeks ago me and Tre went to the doctor because I'd been coughing and throwing up, passing out, and getting fevers and chills. So we go to the clinic here on base and the doctors tell me it's heartburn which I didnt believe for a second, and a touch of bronchitis. Okay so they prescribe like 4 different medicines for me to take.
Another week or two goes by and I'm getting no better. Passed out again one Saturday and went to the emergency room. The doctors in there tell me I have low blood pressure. Okay, they send me home.

I wake up Sunday, October 23rd and my sides are hurting so bad from all the coughing that I can't even move. Again, Tre takes me to the hospital and THIS time, we find out that I have pneumonia in BOTH of my lungs! We were pissed. Tre was mad as hell at the fact that the doctors on base missed it when they took the xrays not even a week earlier AND that the medicines they had me taking were not for getting rid of bronchitis, only the symptoms. So I was admitted for what was supposed to be 2 days but turned out to be 4 days! I hated it. The whole intravenous needles and nasty food and rude nurses and laying in the same room in the same bed and not being able to go anywhere, and the smell that hospitals have.....
But I'm home now. And taking three more medicines along with an inhaler for the bronchitis and iron pills (doctor told me I was anemic and need to take one every other day). I hate medicine and I hate having to take so many every day. I feel like an old woman. All I need now is a wheelchair and a floral dress. lol
But hey, c'est la vie, right?
On a good note, I havent had a cigarette in a month and three days. I dont even think about wanting a cigarette anymore. I like it!

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