Nov 18, 2005


Well, November has come and gone! The warm weather is gone and now the hawk rolls in. This morning I felt like I would die waiting for Emani's school bus to come pick her up. I hate cold weather! I am not looking forward to the snow, the frozen walkways, the colds.
I am looking forward to Thanksgiving though. This year, we're driving to Fayetteville to spend the holiday with my parents and brothers. Only thing that sucks is that Tre has to work the day before thanksgiving so we'll be stuck driving on thanksgiving morning. I'm kind of hoping everyone will already be where they need to be and traffic won't be TOO bad, but that might be nothing but wishful thinking. Still got my fingers crossed though.
The 26th of November will mark two months I've been SMOKE FREE!!!! I'm still trying to get the husband to quit. He's doing okay...not smoking as much as he used to (around me, anyway). So wish me luck on that.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. Be safe!

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