Sep 30, 2005

I Finally Quit!

As of Monday September 26, 2005 @8am, I quit smoking cigarettes. Today makes my 5th day without a newport in my hand. Even though I've come close to relapsing a few times, I've kept the willpower not to smoke.
Tre and I are supposed to quit together, but he's been smoking a few cigarettes here, a few Black-n-Milds there. I don't mind but I was looking forward to us quitting together.
Went to the doctor Monday @ 930am. The doctor told me my problem is "indigestion" which I believe just about as much as I believe in Santa Claus. So I'm going to go to a civilian doctor and get a second opinion.
We got a new puppy. His name is King. He's a 3 month old chihuahua. The girls love him. It's hard to get them to leave him alone sometimes. I try to tell them that the dog doesn't want to ALWAYS play. Sometimes he might want to sit down and relax. Eboni doesn't seem to want to hear what I'm talking about because she always finds a way to get next to him and start playing again. But I'm glad they like him so much.
Emani will be going on her first field trip on the 3rd of October. Her class is going to a pumpkin patch somewhere here in New Jersey. She's so excited. Not to mention her birthday is on the 6th and she'll be 5 years old. She's looking forward to that alot. I think she thinks that turning 5 will make her a "BIG" girl. lol And her first class and individual picture day is on the 14th. I'm so excited about that.
Well the kids are up from their nap.
See ya later.

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