Aug 2, 2005

Guess Who's Back?!?!?

That had to be the LONGEST 3 months of my life. And finally I'm back. There is no place like home. And I never seem to realize that until I've left it for a while.
Anywho, Tre will be home in about 37 days! YAAAAAAAAY! Talk about a drought! I am damn near ready to die. I miss my Sexxy. He sent me some pictures and he looks so good. He's even losing weight. He is gonna be in so much trouble when he gets home. It's gonna be hard to keep off of him.....
But anyway, Emani is glad to be home even though she misses her grandparents and uncles alot. She starts kindergarten this year, which is good. They wouldn't let her in last year because her birthday was past the "cut off" date by like 3 days! She's very smart and I really wanted her to be in school. But I'm not worried because I'll know she'll do good. I'm kinda scared. My little mama is growing up and going on to start her life. Feels like I just was carryin her in my womb a year ago. *wipin a tear from my eye* Time really flies.
And Eboni. My little silly monkey. She is a handful but a joy to have around. She's starting to put words together and it's easier to understand what she wants. I'm going to start potty training her soon. She already takes her pampers off when she's wet or soiled so hopefully it wont be that hard.

ON A SAD NOTE: Emani lost her biological father on May 1. Emmanuel Young Jr. R.I.P. Condolences to his widow Francis. Sorry for you loss mami. Keep smiling.

And with that, I'm outta here until next time.....

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