Aug 6, 2005

Eboni Went Potty

About 530 this afternoon, Eboni went to the potty.
This morning, she got her first potty from the BX/PX. When we got home, me and Emani demonstrated (on the big girl potty) how to use it. I sat her on her little potty and she didn't do anything. But I think she understood what it was for. Later, I changed her pamper and decided to give the potty a try. So I took her to potty, pulled her shorts down and let her sit down. Five minutes later, she had done a #2. Even though it stunk to high heaven, I was so proud of her. She stood up and said "Ewwwww". I told her good girl, and me and Emani clapped and danced around the bathroom. She joined us and danced around, tried to sing the "Nini went potty" song. It was the cutest. I wish I had a camera to send some pictures of the moment to her daddy, who's still deployed. But he did call 5 minutes later, so we were able to share the good news with him.
Earlier this morning, before all the excitement, I went to try to get the car registration renewed but they insisted that they won't take a copy of the power of Attorney I have, and need the original. I have too much to do to not have any transportation of my own. Emani has to be registered for school, both of the girls need their shots, and I need to start school shopping. So hopefully, Monday, I'll be able to work something out.
Well, that's all I have to share for today.
Oh and today is my oldest-younger brother's 23rd birthday!
Until later.....

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