Apr 14, 2005

And Away He'll Go

Yesterday was the saddest day of this year so far.
Isaac was supposed to be going to Iraq in July. I was finally getting used to getting prepared to getting used to him getting ready to leave. And then he calls me from work and tells me he'll be leaving May 8th! I hate it! In a way it's good, because we'll be able to spend our 3rd wedding anniversary together. We've only had the chance to spend one together so far. I hate to be away from him And sure it's only three months, but those three months are going to D.........R........A.......G by so slow.
He insisted that I go to Fayetteville to my parents' house and spend some time there while he's away. That's fine with me I guess, because there'll be nothing or no one here in Jersey for me while he's gone. My neighbors are so to themselves so it won't be like I'll have someone to talk to or hang out with. So maybe it'll be good. And the kids can see their grandparents. So, I'll try to have a good time in between all the worrying I'll do for his safety while he's over there.

On a happier note, today is my parents' 25th anniversary! They've been together for 30 years. I admire that. They've been through their ups and downs, goods and bads, and still hang in there. That's beautiful.
I did my taxes yesterday! Federal only took out $4 the whole year so I only get a $47 return and owe state $28. It sucks but it's better than owing $200! So I can't complain about it too bad.

Before I close this post, I want to say thanks to the Loud Mouth Ladies who are a wonderful group of ladies. Thanks for the laughs and support. I will miss chatting with you guys while I'm gone.
Until I return (unless I post before I leave) Take care.

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