Apr 6, 2005

Starting To Feel Like Spring

Finally. We're out of the 40 and 50 degree weather! Today the high was 77. I took the girls to the park and we had a little picnic and played for 2 hours. Eboni is knocked out. Not used to all the excitement I guess. She loves the slides. Emani finally got on the "big girl" curly slide. It took about 10 minutes to convince her nothing would happen to her and that I would catch her when she got to the bottom. The look on her face while she came down was priceless. She went from unsure, to scared, to crying, to laughing and doing it again. lmao kids.....
Life on the homefront is good. Me and the husband are doing good, communicating more than we ever have. Finally feels like we're on the same page. About 18 months ago, we were so sure the two of us wouldn't make it to the 2 year mark..hell the one year mark for that. LOL I love that man to death. He is my everything. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. He loves Emani to death and that is the one thing I love most about him. Even when I was pregnant, and going through the bullshit with Emmanuel, he was there telling me that he'd take care of us. And to this day he has kept his word, with no doubt in his mind. What more could a girl ask for? *grinning from ear to ear*
I talked to my mom today. I miss her so much. Just sitting around the house and having her to talk to everyday was the best. I do it now, on the phone, but it never feels the same like when I was back home. I'm hoping she can make it up here to see us soon. That would be great.
OH MY GOD!!! Today, when we were all getting dressed to go to the park, I realized I gained weight. Sure that's to be expected because I have two kids, but it made me so sad. I can't fit into my little hip huggers anymore. Yeah so what they are a size 5 and I should've known better..But GOD! I couldn't even get them over my thighs!!! I'm not used to having this much weight on my frame. And everyone tells me the weight looks good on me (because I used to be like 100 lbs before I got pregnant) but I know how I feel. And I hate it. The weight is not like "OH MY GOD YOU LOOK NASTY" weight, but it's 20lbs more than I want. So I promised myself that starting Saturday, I was gonna start going to the gym and work some of it off. Get at least into a 6 or 7 jean again. It's kinda hard to get motivated because I don't have anyone to go with me to the gym. Sure, me and the husband could go but we got two kids that you can't tote around in the gym. And the one female I do chill with, she's always flying (she's in the Air Force, a boom operator or something like that), so she's rarely home. But I'm devoted to getting some of the weight down, so I guess I'll have to go by myself. Wish me luck! :D
Well, Eboni should be up soon and I gotta get a start on dinner so I'm outta here.
Oh, and congratulations on your new car, Latin! Looks good!

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