Mar 22, 2005

Random Thoughts

I'm cooking dinner right now. While the kids watch Shark Tales for the 100th time. It's a cute movie, but God knows it can get a bit tiring after a while.
I would love to go see The Ring 2. I wanted to go see it the weekend it came out, but me and the husband couldn't find a babysitter. Oh well.....
I'm waiting for this at-home-job stuff to come in the mail. I sent a $25 money order in on the 21st and the company is here in NJ so it should be here already or at least on it's way. I'm trying to be patient but I think they got me. So now the decision I have to make is whether or not I wanna look for another one that I think might be legit or just continue to be an at home mom and not worry about working. Even though the extra money would be nice. Especially for emergencies.
Doesn't it suck how just when you think you gotta hold on everything and things will be okay, something pops up and smacks the shit outta you? I've had that happen SO many times. I'm beyond tired. It's times like that that make you think about robbin a fuckin bank. lmao

I need to hit the lottery. That'd be nice. Doesn't even have to be 32 million. Just give me a couple hundred thousand and I'd be good......

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