Mar 21, 2005

I Wanna Get Outta Here

New Jersey. McGuire Air Force Base.
We've been stationed here since 2002. At first, it was exciting, being in another state and starting over. But now, I am so ready to get outta here. I have come to hate it here with all I have. The people I've met and made friends with are cool and I'll hate to leave them, but I wish we could go somewhere else, like yesterday! The sooner the better.
Not only are my neighbors so stuck up and to themselves, but the weather is horrible. When it gets cold, IT GETS COLD! And when it's hot, it's too fuckin hot! There never seems to be an in-between, like a nice spring. Or a warm fall.
Everything is half an hour away. No matter WHERE you want to go. To go to Wal-Mart (which is one of my favorite stores) you have to make sure you have at least half a tank of gas. And you better know where you're going because you'll wind up on the turnpike. lol The mall is even further, so that's a once in a lifetime trip. Sure Great Adventure is right "down the street" but that's not something you can do anytime. I've been here damn near 3 years and STILL haven't been.
Now, I do know I don't want to go to Japan (where my husband wants to go). I'm not sure I'm ready to live somewhere so far away from my family. Sometimes it helps to know if I wanted to see my brothers or parents, they're only a bus or train ride away. If we go to Japan, I won't see them until we get back. And I'm too close to my family to handle that.
So right now, I don't know where I would like to go, but I know I can't stay here too much longer!

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