Mar 19, 2005


Posted by Latin:
Mrs. Davis: Girl you know we go way back and I love you for your blessings. Let me tell ya'll bout Mrs. Davis. I used to hate her with all my might, yup she's my exhusband's baby's momma. I never like to share, I'm greedy and very damn selfish. I'm not gonna go into details, but we had our downs at one point and can you believe that we are real good friends now. Scary huh. Shit you won't believe the power of womanhood when you find two pissed off hotties. Yup Ms. Davis is a good looking hottie too. Her little girls are so cute and they are so big now. And Mrs. Davis you couldn't find no one better than DC. Ya'll make a hot couple. Hopefully someday we can all meet at an MV meet n greet. Take pics of all of us and mail them to LEE.....just joking ma. But it be cool if we could meet outside the net.....hit to a club and get drunk and talk shit bout Lee, "Since we know him so good." Bwahhhh I can only imagine.

Mrs.'s funny..sounds weird to me. No one has ever called me Mrs. Davis!
Thanks for the love. Made me feel all warm inside. lol
I'm glad we got over the initial hate for each other. It's good to know that we were able to see that the anger we had was directed in the wrong way.
It's funny how small the world is. Here we were not even knowing what the other one looked like, but were connected by someone else.
I'm sorry you had to deal with his bullshit. He was good at making shit smell like I hope that everything you want in life is given to you and that you are happy in all that you do.
Keep your head up and always smile. Because when you smile the whole world smiles with you.

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