Mar 18, 2005

Emani Dezarae

a poem I wrote for Emani a month after she was born.

When I hold you in my arms, I am overwhelmed with the love I have for you. I look at your face and regret nothing. I love you. I vow to be your best friend and take care of you. You can turn to me with your problems, pains, and worries. You have my shoulders to cry on in a time of need. Everything you desire I will try my best to give, for you are the sole reason I continue to live. The moment I felt you close to my heart, I promised to never let us be torn apart. I dedicate every waking minute to my new baby girl, who has shown me that there is pure love in this world. You've made me realize that deep in my soul I have a sweet spot for someone. Many years I've gone without loving someone, just to avoid being hurt. But now my heart is yours to hold forever and always, forever and a million days. I love to watch you sleep and dream with no worries in the world it seems. And when the angels play and you smile your smile, everything in life is made worthwhile. I love you, adore you, and would do anything for you, for you are all that I need....
I love you Emani Dezarae!

originally written 11/14/00

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