Oct 8, 2013

What's On My TV.....?

Fall is the season I wait for the most.
The cool air makes it's way around so the air conditioner can be cut off and windows can be opened.
The leaves do their annual awesomeness and provide amazing photographic opportunities.
The anticipation of the holidays, especially Halloween for the children, makes everyone a little happier.
.....And television becomes a little more interesting.
My poor, poor DVR has been working overtime the last few weeks.
With the series finales of Breaking Bad and Dexter , and the season finale of Ray Donovan , I am pleasantly content with the fall lineup that keeps me entertained:

These are just a few of the shows and series that have my undivided attention when they air. 
I've also given in to a few reality shows even though I sometimes hate to. I think it's more because I'm used to watching them and want to know what's going to happen next. Shows like, I Dream Of Nene: The Wedding I ONLY watch because I am a Nene fan, and Basketball Wives because I had become a fan of Tami Roman a few seasons ago. 

So what's on your television during the week? Do you watch any of the same shows? Which is your favorite? 

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