Nov 29, 2012


I can admit that there aren't a lot of things in my life that I can say I am proud of or even that I am very proud of myself. I feel a lot of my life's talent and calling was wasted and missed for almost 20 years. I'm slowly working on that. But there is always something that I can be proud of no matter what anyone thinks, says, or feels: I am a great Mother.
Now that might come off as conceited at first but let me explain why I KNOW this to be true. I have three perfect examples - my daughters, Peanut, Monkey, & Rabbit. 
I look around at children today who can barely read in the 5th grade but know every word to every song they hear on the radio. By no means is this entirely their fault. It always starts with the parents. The parents are the children's first teachers. If the parents do not take the time to start the learning process at home, then it may very well go downhill when it's time to start school. 
Anyway, today, was one of those days that verified even further that I am doing a great job as a mother. I was called into my daughters' school to meet with Rabbit's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. G., who has been pushing to have her moved from kindergarten into first grade because Rabbit is so very smart and exceeding in EVERYTHING. For the last few weeks or so, Rabbit has been spending an hour each day in a first grade class doing first grade work and making excellent grades. Rabbit is reading at a third grade level! She is the only kindergarten child in the WHOLE school is reading above and beyond her grade level. How awesome is that? VERY! So today, was the day I signed the papers agreeing to allow her to be moved to first grade. So by the beginning of Christmas Break (or by the time Christmas Break is over) Rabbit will officially be a First Grader! 
After meeting with Mrs. G., I was directed to Monkey's classroom to meet with Mrs. C. who wanted to talk to me about Monkey's progress. Just the other day, they took an online assessment test and Monkey was the ONLY child in her class to make a 100% on the test. Her teacher said that although Monkey is very quiet (as is Rabbit in her classroom), she is very smart and catches on very quickly. Her grade point average as of today is at 3.6. 
Both teachers said that we are doing excellent work as parents and that they appreciate that they can enjoy teaching our children because they are so easy to teach. 
Teachers always seem so amazed that my children come to school prepared and ready and can do the work and make such good grades. It used to make me wonder why that was so extraordinary because when I was younger, I was taught from the very beginning how important education was, so going to school was fun for me and something that I looked forward to doing. Plus I wanted to be as smart as my Father was and is. I think that's about how my children are with school and schoolwork. They enjoy it so they do their best. After all, when you like doing something, it becomes more than just "what has to be done" but "what you love doing"...and my kids love learning. They also know that it's not just about going to school to socialize and be popular and fashionable (although my kids go to a uniform school so that's not such an emphasis right now)...they know that these are important years in their lives that will eventually set them on their paths to success. 
I say all that to say that I am very proud of my children. Being proud of them makes me proud of myself as a mother, as a woman, as a leader, as a role model, as an example. I can't wait to see what they all grow up to accomplish and become because I know they will be very awesome at whatever it is they choose. They are my motivations to become an even better person and I will always love and appreciate them for that. 

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