May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday, April 30, marked my thirty-third year of life.
Mister started the birthday countdown on his Facebook page at 6pm on Sunday evening lol 

The kids were super excited. They love birthdays.
Me? I slept most of the morning away and then took an afternoon nap an hour before I had to take Peanut to Martial Arts class. *smh* And yes, Mister was there to catch a picture of my nap and 'old lady nap' lol
Although everyone wanted to celebrate I just saw it as another day, another Monday.
I spent almost 30 minutes thanking all of my Facebook page, most of all the day responding to birthday texts and emails, and later that evening, watched tv with Mister and indulged in a drink or two. 

I've been unable to think of anything I want for my birthday for most of my life. Most of the gifts I receive are surprises. The last time I wanted something it was my Golden Birthday party when I turned 30 on the 30th. It was a red & black themed party and I had so many guests show up to celebrate with me. It was pretty awesome.
I don't feel any older yet (besides my lack of energy and heat flashes among other things- which I'm seriously thinking I may need Hormone Replacement therapy).
Tonight Mister & I are going to see Think Like A Man, which I have been dying to see. The all-star cast gives me hope that it won't be a bad movie. I haven't read any reviews because I want to go into the theatre with a clean slate. 
Maybe I'll come back to this post and give my opinion on the movie when I get back if I'm not busy.
And now for a photo, a little something sweet. It's a cupcake with my favorite colors and a "Superwoman" ring picked out by my mini me's. It was super sweet and moist. I could only finish half of it.

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