May 3, 2012

1000 Things That Make Me Happy (51-61)

*I can admit that it has become harder and harder to think of 1000 things that make me happy without being redundant. I'm glad I put my list in my phone because it'd be a pain to go through the list from #1 to make sure I'm not repeating myself lol Sooooo, here's the next 11*

51. Sims Social on Facebook. I am so addicted to Sims3 so when they finally bought Sims to Facebook, I knew it was going to be a problem. lol I am finding that I only get on Facebook now to pretty much complete my Sims quests and get points and money and build. I love it.

52. Cookies & Cream Ice Cream. OMG! Want to see me in complete bliss? Give me a bucket of cookies and cream ice cream. It doesn't even have to be some big name brand..just cookies & cream. I've even found that usually that 'off-brand' brands are better than the name brands.

53. Orange Fanta. I used to love to drink Coke like water, but now I am a Fanta fanatic...but only orange. I don't like the other flavors at all.

54. Swimming. Something about being able to be weightless is so relaxing and freeing. We just got a pool for the girls this afternoon but I already have plans to be floating in it tomorrow afternoon.

55. The smell of the grill being started. I think the only thing better than the food on the grill is the smell of the grill being lit. The smell of new charcoal before the meat is on just does something to my senses.

56. Golden Girls. Just recently, Mister ordered the complete series for me. I'm on season 3 right now. I loooove Golden Girls and have no idea how I wasn't watching this when they were on the air. I can't pick a favorite character but I loooove Dorothy's sense of humor and sarcasm. I love to watch it because it almost feels like I get to travel back in time a bit. Weird, I know, but I guess because it's so new to me it kind of feels takes me back to the fashions and humor back then....

57. Little surprises. My favorite surprise was when Mister told me to get in the car 'because we're going to lunch' only for Him to pull up in front of Best Buy and buy the lens that I had been dying for. Unexpected and something that I wanted? That's a win.

58. Going to lunch with Mister. Since we've been here in NC, Mister has kind of made it a point for us to get out to eat together, alone, during lunch hours. I love it. Sitting in a restaurant as a couple, just us, is something we didn't have much of a chance to do before or after we got married. So now that we do get to do it, it seems that much better. Just this afternoon, we went to Applebee's...apparently our favorite lol

59. His Smile. Not just any smile. But His genuine, happy, amused, all 32 of His white teeth smile...I love it. And I know He's not smiling here but I love this picture of Him. He's so damn sexy. My chocolate addiction *fanning myself*

60. My kids' senses of humor. My girls are silly. Especially Monkey. They crack me up with some of the oddest things they say and do. Lil' comedians lol

61. My Aunt Sheila. I have A LOT of aunts but there is only one who keeps me laughing, makes me smile the minute I see her face, and always has a special place in my heart. Maybe because she's just like my Father. They could've easily been twins. She's my brother & my favorite Auntie! :)

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