Dec 6, 2011


Checking in! :)
Is it really December already? Because it's hard to tell with the weather here in Fayetteville. Today we reached a high of 73. Really? I'm not sure whether to be afraid that this warm weather so late in the year means that there will be some severe winter weather to come or if the nice weather is just nice weather. I'm not really complaining because it's the perfect temperature. Warm enough to enjoy a day out, with that slight breeze and cool air to cool you off with the windows down in your car or open in your house. But I admit that I will miss the snow during the cold months like we had in New Jersey. Definitely no reason to pull out gloves, scarves, and snow boots just yet.
Oh, yeah! Erika is now a K-4 student. Attending the same school with her two older sisters makes it an easier transition for me. I feel safer knowing she's with the two of them on the bus and on the way to her class in the mornings. There is no word to describe how excited she was to start last week Wednesday only to be sent home around 8am because the nurse was worried about her eye. So after going to get her, we made our way to Womack to get it checked out. Conjunctivitis. Pink eye. My poor baby. I am grateful that she didn't have the pain and constant tearing. Just the red discoloration. We kept her home for the rest of last week to make sure that the medicine she was given would be able to work and not spread to anyone in class. Sunday night she was good to go and yesterday morning she was back on the bus to school. She loves it. Her assistant teacher called today and said that although Monday she was kind of weary about playing with the other students, today she was playing and talking with the kids as if she had been there since the beginning of the school year. That was good to hear because I was sure Erika would play that shy, quiet role she tends to do sometimes. But I guess because she's waited so long for this she decided she's giving it her all. lol I'm glad she's loving it.
How is your week so far?

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Mango Chutney said...

I'm glad to hear Erika has been acclimated to her new "status", lol.
My week is "surprisingly" turning into Groundhog Day. The only difference is...I'm wearing different underware.
I saw ur post on Bloggy Moms and decided to connect;)

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