Jul 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day Three

Day Three: A Book That I Love

For this one, it's not exactly one book..it's a series: Frankenstein
I had just started reading Dean Koontz's books, when I found out a friend of mine was also a Koontz fan. So as the months went on, he passed along alot of books by Koontz that he had already read.
There are now five books in the series.
Book One: Prodigal Son
Book Two: City of Night
Book Three: Dead and Alive
Book Four: Lost Souls
Book Five: The Dead Town
I just found Lost Souls a few weeks ago and have yet to find the time to start it. I bought the first Book at a train station when the family & I were heading to North Carolina years ago. I picked it without knowing who Dean Koontz was or what he'd written before. Now I have all of his books.
Books One and Three were pretty slow reads for me. I finished the first two books in a matter of almost 8 weeks.
Now every time I go to the thrift store, I check the book section for Koontz books and Stephen King books. They are my favorite authors!

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