Jul 12, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day Four

Day Four: Bullet My Whole Day

Oh how exciting! [/end sarcasm]
My days are usually the same thing...well weekdays anyway. I don't do much out of the ordinary Monday through Thursday.  So, this post will probably bore you lol

  • 630a - wake up, watch the news
  • 720am - child that I babysit arrives; small breakfast for him.  Daughters are still asleep
  • 8am - Disney Jr...... oh how I tire of watching the same shows every morning
  • 9am - child's morning nap
  • 9am-11am - house is still full of sleepers so I'm trying to keep quiet.
    Watch my favorite morning shows, from Cheaters to The View.
  • 1115am- everyone is finally awake. 
    Mister has gone out fishing with his friend
    Daughters eat their late breakfast.
    I clean my dishes. Clean kitchen, living room.
  • 1130a - vacuum carpet throughout the house...some days I miss using a broom to sweep everything, especially the stairway.
  • 1140 - Start laundry. (yay!) Still amazes me that there are only five people in my family, yet when it's time to do laundry every week, EVERY single wash cloth and towel is in the basket..........
  • 12p - lunch. Bologna sandwiches, Ranch Doritos, and Strawberry Lemonade.
    Start thinking about what to make for dinner. Looking like it's gonna be a Hamburger Helper night....maybe Lasagna
    Kids are playing in their bedrooms. They refuse to go out when it's so hot outside. They usually go out after 3p when the sun starts to move to the other side of the house and there's more shade at the park.
  • 1p - Still doing laundry. Watching Judge Alex.
    Child begins to drift off for his afternoon nap. This is usually my time to take my shower when I don't get to take one before he gets here in the morning......
  • 2p - I usually don't drink energy drinks but by this time, I feel like I need it. Still have to finish folding and putting away laundry.
  • 245p - finished with laundry. Watching The People's Court. Pretty much letting the rest of the day take it's course. No plans.
    Children are still playing quietly in the rooms, a few little 'arguments' here and there but they're doing alright. I'm going to hate to see the mess they've made in their rooms...
  • 315p - Girls have decided they want to go outside. Even though it's a blazing 95' and I tried to tell them it's VERY hot out there, they are on their way out the door as I type. I doubt they'll be out there for very long. And I'm surely not about to tolerate the three of them running in and out the house 'letting out all my air conditioned air' in here. (I used to hate when my parents said that when I was younger lol )
  • 3p-430 - watched two episodes of The First 48. I love this show although I've been missing the new episodes. But I thank Verizon for the awesome option to watch them On Demand.
  • 430-5p - decided to wash my shower curtains. I love the smell of clean shower curtains in a bathroom. Like a life size air freshener when I use a 'smell-good' laundry detergent.
  • 515p - starting dinner. Hamburger Helper it is... Beef Stroganoff and sweet corn from the frozen section. Mister is asleep on the couch...I think that sun beat him down this afternoon when he decided to go fishing. I don't know how he does it.
  • 520p - The Child's mother has come to get her son. Girls have decided to come in. I'm sure they'll be sleep early tonight. They played hard out there in the heat.
  • 530p - While cooking, I stumbled upon Law & Order: SVU on USA. Already missed half of the episode but they're always fun to watch no matter how much you miss...
  • 6pm - Family sits down to dinner.
  • 630p - 830p - watching TV waiting for 10p so I can watch Hawthorne.
  • 10p -11p - "Hawthorne"
  • 11p to 12am - Watch the news
  • Hopefully by 12am, I'll drift off to sleep, especially since right now (at 830p) I feel like I need a nap. But these two Rock Stars I drank have my eyes wide open.
I told you my day isn't very exciting. Maybe I had I not skipped the weekend to post it would've been a bit more interesting. Tomorrow, will be pretty much the same except I think I'm going to rearrange my youngest daughters' bedroom. It's time for a change because they're finding new places to hide their mess.


      Rose's Daughter said...

      I hate laundry! There is a huge pile of it waiting upstairs for me now! But I think I will ignore it for now!
      And I don't think your day sounds boring! It sounds like Summer.

      Rose's Daughter said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      ShontaeB said...

      I wish that I could tell myself to ignore laundry sometimes. I tried it one time during the school year but it was only punishment because I was later doing laundry for three days. Never again lol
      Now that you say that, I see now that it does sound like Summer lol. Thanks :)

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