Jul 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day Nine

Day 9: Share a favorite photo.

Senior Prom. 1997. "If Only For One Night." Seventy-First High School, Fayetteville, NC.
This is one of my favorite photos.
My two best friends, Kesha (left) and Toy (right), pretty much MADE me go to prom.
I had no intention of going to my Senior Prom. I was not (and still am not) into the gown, shoe, makeup, hair, limo aspect of prom. A friend of mine had asked me to prom, and at first I agreed. Paid for the ticket and everything. I later told him I wasn't interested in going. I felt bad but he had plenty time to get another date (which he did).
Three days before the prom, Toy & Kesha, who were juniors, convinced me to go as their date. Yeah, we were each others dates. Toy, her mother, my mother, and I all went out to different stores looking for 'the perfect dress' for me. I was a size 0 back then, weighing a mere 98 lbs. Remember, I was a complete tomboy and despised putting on dresses. So every time they would pick out a dress for me to try on, I would have this look of utter disgust (lol) until we got to the very last store and I found it! Even I had to grin when I saw myself in the mirror. It was very nice. We later found some silver heels, and the blue and white diamond earrings.
The day of the prom while everyone was running around to their makeup artists and hairstylists, I was in my bedroom mirror curling my hair and applying my own makeup. I refused to pay someone to do what I could do myself the way I wanted it. I was pleased with myself when I was done. When I walked out the room to meet my dates, my mother's eyes glossed over with tears. I had no idea she would be so emotional about it but then I remembered she didn't get to go to her own prom AND it was a rare sight to see me in anything so glamorous. Dressing up for me back then was a new tshirt, some crisp baggy jeans, and a new pair of sneakers. (lol) She took a million pictures and kept saying "Oh, you're so beautiful, Shonna!"

I'll admit, prom was fun. The music. The food. Don't ask me who was King & Queen because I had no interest then and no idea now. After prom, we went over to a friend's house for a few hours. Changed into some regular clothes, sat around and talked, and then I went home. I didn't go to any after parties or hookup with anyone. I went home and went right to sleep. And I was fine with that.
I love my friends for convincing me to go to my Senior Prom. It felt like it was part of the completion of high school.
Class of '97 Prom. *sigh* Seems soooo long ago.....

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Michelle said...

Very pretty! I went stag to both of my proms too! Thanks for linking up with us today.
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