Mar 25, 2011

List of Five Friday

Five Things I Want Accomplish This Spring

  1. I will start....well, restart my workout regime. I started and was losing weight at a good pace, but lost motivation and energy. So March 28th, I'm back on it. A friend of mine recently shared the "Insanity Workout" DVD. I scanned through it and even the Fit Test looks hard. I hope I can make my way through the sixty days. I would love to finally get to my goal weight and tone and firm some of this extra skin and muscle.
  2. A beautiful outdoor photoshoot. I would love to get the series that I've been thinking about done, but I already know that's going to take time..finding the right models for certain images, etc. My camera and I have been locked away in the house because of the cold weather so I've been doing more indoor shoots than usual. I can't wait to get out and use the natural outdoor light.
  3. Take better care of my hair. It's growing awesomely but I have to find something that works better as far as moisture and hairstyling.
  4. A deep spring cleaning. I want and need to get rid of things we don't need or want or use. Especially clothes.
  5. Take the last part of my State Boards and finally get my license. I've put it off but something inside is nudging me to get it done..feels like it's the right time. I'm no longer nervous or worried about the practical part of the test. So, I'll be going to buy the supplies I need and scheduling my test date within the next two weeks. Wish me luck! :)
So, what's on your "Spring To Do" list?

Have an awesome weekend!

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