Oct 12, 2010


Hey there. It's Tuesday. A rainy Tuesday in the forecast but already the sun is peeking through the clouds. Last night was a different story. Lightning and thunder and big raindrops filled the night until the wee hours of the morning. Made for a good night's sleep.
I woke up this morning with the worst sore throat I've had in years. Even the hot cup of tea isn't helping to soothe the pain. You never realize how many times you swallow until your throat is swollen and in pain.

To get this blog up to date, I have alot of good news to share. It's been quite a busy and fun week.
Last Wednesday, October sixth, my oldest daughter turned 10. We are officially in the double digits and only 3 years from the teens. Time is going by way too fast and my little mama is becoming quite the young lady. She makes me proud every day as I watch her grow into her own personality.
Wednesday was also the night I went to Empire Beauty School for a Student Teacher Orientation. I was called the week before and told that I was one of the few chosen who were recommended by someone to come back as a Teacher. I really am interested in going and thinking I may give it a try. What's another six hundred hours in class? Especially if I can go full-time, it shouldn't be that bad. So, for now, it's not on the back burner but I'm getting other things in order before I decide to go back to school to teach in school.
Friday evening a friend of ours, Meagan, wanted to do something special for Emani for her birthday so she invited us all to Chuck E Cheese's. The girls didn't know what was going on until we walked in, so they were excited. They LOVE Chuck E's. Erika finally figured out that Chuck E Cheese's is a place to play and have fun so this time she got up and played games and got on some of the rides. It was a good night.
Element51 Photography may be getting on it's feet finally. Click the link and come like the page. My husband and I have made a Facebook page to showcase the work and it seems to be coming along quite nicely. I had my first Car Shoot on Saturday in Trenton. I've never done much of anything besides people and random scenery, so it was fun to try something different. The photos didn't come out so bad either. The car owner was pleased so that pleased me. I have to make sure to get out and scout for different locations to shoot. I realized I like to shoot outdoors than indoors. Believe it or not, New Jersey happens to have alot of 'photoshoot worthy' areas. lol
Sunday morning, the girls and I made cookies. I can admit that I am not the best cookie baker. So it started off as a bit of a challenge. In the end though, the cookies came out great and the girls did an awesome job decorating. Mister caught a huge bass while we were baking. So right before we were starting to frost and sprinkle the cookies, he walks in with this beast of a fish. It was huge. I think he weighed it in at almost eight pounds.

So now, we're getting through this short week, as Monday was "Explorer's Day". Friday will be my daughter's sleepover for her birthday. She's so excited and looking forward to the fun things we have planned for the night. I just hope her friends will be able to make it. It was such short notice.
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and will have an even better week.
And don't forget to smile

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