May 8, 2010

Taurus, I Am

Taurus, I Am.
Daughter. Friend.
Mother. Wife.
In that order.
But so much more complex than just those six words.
By astrological definition, I am way more complicated that I'd ever thought and yet every word rings true. According to, I am......
In the personality:
Taurus persons tend to be strongly hedonistic, cool customers. They live primarily through the pleasures of their senses. This is the more solid and pragmatic sign in the zodiac. It brings a lot of practicality and earthly sensibility. It is very utilitarian and seeks real, useful results for its efforts. This sign may be seen as lazy by some, but that is because it is strongly motivated by reward, and lack of suck prize for its efforts tends to drain it of energies.
This sign is not psychologically equipped to deal with conflict and suffering, which reveals it it more neurotic, sometimes brutal side. It does not take well to threats, to disrespect or to rigid or overly burdensome demands, and can be quite resentful in the face of these. This is much more a sign of love and pleasure, where she usually much prefers to dwell, but badly affected charts can reveal that more problematic side.
Taureans have a great longing to something special, exciting. This is the grounds for great possessiveness within this sign, as anything that's considered special to them is held dearly, fiercely protected. On this basis, this sign also tends to be faithful, and it is usually rather respectful as well. It is usually a strongly loyal sign, but only until it starts feeling disrespected or encroached upon, then the rebellious side can undermine this.
They really hate discomfort, and can become quite preoccupied with avoiding it. These natives tend to dislike hard work, and often seek a way to delegate it. They are more inclined to seek occupation in fields they like, so that it does not become to much of a pain. Taurus is usually a subscriber to "slowly but surely". It usually prefers to hold back than to risk himself.
There is some reserve in the Taurus personality, which is in effect a preservative and protective disposition. There is a strong dislike of unapproved external encroachment upon their personal space, which is very important to Taurus. Taurus can be pretty good at keeping secrets.
Most Taureans have a good, earthy sense of humor. Earthy humor is one that is keen and more sophisticated than just excessive silliness or lighthearted joking.
As of the neurotic structure of this sign, these natives may be emotionally susceptible to superstition.
Taurus tends to love animals a lot.
Little acknowledged trait of Taurus is it rebellious nature, which often manifests as stubbornness. This is especially pronounced when Taurus feels it is not appreciated, not taken into consideration, belittled or otherwise disrespected, then it becomes extremely wilful and difficult, sometimes even contrarian. Forcefulness also bring this about in Taurus. This rebelliousness rises from certain frustrations that make up this personality type, but this kind of behaviour is actually in contrast to the fundamental, reasonable and rational earthy nature of this sign. It may be used as a kind of power-play, as Taurus tends more toward passive-aggressiveness than to outright aggression - perhaps because this method offers less of a risk. Then other times what has been said just does not make any earthy sense.
It should be noted that calling Taurus people "stubborn" does not incur any favors either. Sometimes it just makes the problems worse, rather than addressing any issue that may have caused such attitude.
Taurus' rebelliousness may find other, more refined expressions in Taurus' life.
Taurus has greatly heightened senses, and has a tendency to deal with sensual things more often than other signs. Taurus can be strongly moved by physical beauty. In fact, some Taurus people, especially Taurus ladies often find themselves delving in fields of esthetics or cosmetics. These natives crave closeness and touch, but do not let just anyone get so close. They need to trust. This sign usually enjoys music very much. Sexuality also tends to be strong in Taurus.
Taurus is the sign of security and as such the need to feel secure is an important facet of this sign. Accordingly, it is somewhat less likely to take risks that other signs, certainly uncalculated one. It often takes extra measure to ensure its security, though in this light it may sometimes be considered controlling by some. Taurus can even be brutal when robbed of its sense of security.
There is usually a conservative attitude to money, but on the other hand these natives may have a difficult time resisting their desires. In a difficult chart emotional well being can be closely associated with the monetary status and the ability to expend as a compensation for bad feelings.

There are usually some fixations in the Taurus personality, which may perplex other signs. They tend to stick with patterns and experiences they know, as this makes up their sense of being, and makes them feel secure and comfortable. In a more difficult chart this can transform to a full-fledged obsessive-compulsive disorder. Tauruses often fixate on unshakable, practical convictions.
Good & Bad
Although these are aware of some wickedness inherent within their natural melancholy, basic constructive drives within this sign usually makes them go with the greater good. Even in the case a Taurus person does go down a wrong path, it will be more systematically conductive than just spite, and should be rewarding aplenty. That said, naturally they are actually more inclined to fall into depression than act in a full-fledged negative fashion, unless energized and focused.
In most cases it wants to do what is proper and fair. It can also have a soft spot for really nice people, even if they are a bit silly.
Social Justice
Normally, justice is more important here, especially social justice, and these individuals will seek to operate within their intellectual idea of what justice is. Usually that idea will be rather close to an objective notion of justice, unless there are problematic imbalances in the chart then there may be an overly critical and even brutal notion of justice. In any case these people are more willing to fight for their idea of justice and balance. They will have a hard time standing by when that idea of justice/balance is being violated, even if it involves complete strangers. Of course dealing with justice can become complicated as justice can sometimes be a subjective and even ambivalent thing. Forcing a definition may sometimes be more inappropriate than letting things be.

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