May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Awesomeness is not sufficient enough to describe Mother's Day this year....
I had planned for Sunday to be another Sunday...a day of doing my daughters' hair, cooking dinner, a little cleaning, know, the usual.
Little did I know my three little ones and my husband had plans of their own.
I was awakened by the sounds of their little voices, "Mommy, wake up. Come downstairs."
Everyone knows I am not a morning person so it takes me a while to get the groggy out lol So after Mister yelled upstairs for me, and the girls came back upstairs for the second time, I realized everyone was already fully dressed at 945 in the morning..a Sunday morning. Not something that happens often in my house. I crawl out of bed, brush my teeth, wash my face, walk downstairs.

The girls are giddy. All I see are little smiles leading me to the dining room. Erika is doing a little raindance around me while I walk, so I'm trying my hardest to not fall over and crush her. Eboni takes my hand and leads me to the dining room table, asks me to sit down in one of the chairs. On the table, my tablecloth is hiding a bulge... a very big bulge. Atop the tablecloth are cards from the girls, Eboni's Coupon Book that she made in school, and Emani's flower pen and Mom Doll that she made in school. I open all the cards, read them, thank the girls, kiss and hug each and every one of them. Erika is upset by now because she doesnt see the card that she picked out at the store. Apparently she had just forgotten what the card she picked out looked like lol. She stayed upset until her father promised to take her back to the store to buy another card and flowers for me.

As I was reading the cards, Emani pulled the tablecloth off of the bulge and there was the one thing I had been wanting for the last 18months. A WII!!!! Only word I could find was "awesomeness!" when I saw it lol. I'm not sure how hard I was smiling but I'm sure it was a big smile.
Mister had originally ordered a new lens for my camera and had it shipped to the store so that He could pick it up. But when He got to the store, they had sent the lens back and there were no other lenses in stock at the store. So with the store credit, he decided to get the next best thing. Either way, I would've been uber happy. A new lens...a Wii...both equally awesome.
So, I got dressed, we all loaded up into the Envoy and made our way to the store. The girls and Mister had planned to make lunch and dinner. I was told to relax and do nothing. Even though that is sometimes hard for me to do, I obliged.

Lunch was grilled chicken breast and vegetables, and a Long Island Iced Tea. OMG. I was so full and satisfied I was not sure I would be able to eat dinner. After watching a movie, and finishing Eboni's hair, I could nothing else but relax on the couch while the girls went outside to play.

In the refrigerator, since noon, were steaks marinating to be prepared for dinner.
Dinner was served restaurant style. "Cafe le Blocker" the four of them called it. lol

I was seated at the table, flower centerpiece, by Eboni. My order was taken by Emani, who by the way is a great waitress. lol I was served water and a Long Island Iced Tea. Offered marshmallows for as an appetizer. lol Chef Mister had the house smelling like a five-star restaurant. I could taste the steak and vegetables and potatoes as they cooked. When it was served, the presentation was almost as good as the first bite. I cut into the steak, and put it into my mouth and almost cried. I already knew I was going to be absolutely no good once I was done. I only regret that I didnt make it through the whole steak. Only half. But it was worth the feeling of absolute immobility. I could barely get up from the table.
The rest of the night was spent watching tv and cuddling with Mister.
Probably the best day of the year to date. I felt loved, and appreciated, and I love to be loved.
I dont think I'd care if the rest of my Mother's Days are spent only doing laundry, cleaning, doing hair I will be just as happy to remember this Mother's Day.

I hope everyone's Mother's Day was a great one. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

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