Jan 26, 2009

Consider This

Subject: Consider This, Sisters and Brothers...

If you disagree with me here, or you think that I'm over reacting, then just pass on the last phrase at the end of my message. That way..., at least it would be SOMEWHAT fair.

I hope that you all are excited as I am about our new President of the United States of America.I am sure that you have received emails and text messages poking fun at or joking about the obvious cultural shift that has taken place in the White House. And while some may be on point, some ( no matter how humorous ) are still, quite dangerous.Our country is in flux. We are in the midst of one of the most significant events in our nation's history, and how WE carry ourselves is more important than ever before.We cannot allow our new President to be made a mockery of..., especially by his own people~!! Not only does he represent everything that is great about our nation, Barack Obama literally personifies how awesome we are as a people~!! His wisdom, his poise, his eloquence, his fortitude, even his swagger..., illustrate the greatness of a people who have been dismissed, discarded, discouraged, and disregarded by not only "the majority," but also by our own.It is funny how we can't stand Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Bill O'Reilly for their condescending and surreptitious attacks on Obama, but we email and text blast everyone from the 'hood, about "free BBQ on the White House lawn" and messages of the like.Let's be real...; it is the same song, just a different band.So, today, I personally implore you...; when you get the stereotypical, shuck and jive, hee-haw emails or texts about our new President..., even when they make you smile or chuckle..., think of how much pleasure that some ignorant, hate-filled racist would get from that message, and knowing that WE are mostly the one's that keep it circulating. And then, remember the sacrifices that were made so that this is even possible.I dare you... to forward THIS message, like the ones about fried chicken, basketball, red Kool-Aid, and pimped-out Presidential vehicles in the White House.

Challenge everyone you know to stop making a mockery of Our President, Our country, and Our people.

This isn't just our time..., it's the REAL AMERICA'S time~!! That's why we saw more than JUST Black people crying at the election results and at Inauguration. And we saw that same response... ALL OVER THE WORLD~!! So let's rise to the true occasion that it is..., and exemplify some respect and reverence for the magnitude and significance of the man AND the mission. ( "Dr. King's Dream." )

And as I conclude this, I'm watching our brand new President take his Presidential stroll down Pennsylvania Ave, waving to the massive amount of people that are braving the cold, and did so for hours on end..., "JUST TO SAY THAT THEY WERE THERE for history.

It's that frosty temperature that you can bring up in conversation, or reply to instead of forward...; particularly for those of that other persuasion that seem to find such joy in BBQ grills on the White House lawn, or pimped-out Presidential limos. Simply ask them...

"Why in the hell was it so cold on Obama's Inauguration Day~?!"

Because White people always said that "it'll be a cold day in hell before a Black man would be President."

Well BUNDLE UP dammit~!!

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