Nov 4, 2008

Here it is! Finally! The day that will always be remembered as the beginning of something wonderful. Getting through it was the hard part. Now comes the rest of life. We always knew the day would come but for it to happen in my twenty-ninth year, to be able to be here for this, is a blessing. Moving forward and never looking back. Head held high with a confidence that everything is going to be just fine. Naysayers have lost the battle. They've given up because they see what they thought was impossible is now accomplished.
Damn it feels good to graduate! :)
Oh you thought I was talking about the election? Well, not yet. Even though, now that I read over it, it could very well be about that. Hmm. Not only does it feel good to be graduating, but to be graduating on a day as historical as this! Definitely one to put in the books.
Its been two long years of studying, practicing, getting it right to finally get to this day. Right now I am floating on Cloud9, refusing to let anything get the way of my excitement. Oh, no sir! It's taken me eleven years to finally do what I feel I am meant to do. At first I beat myself up for not going to college right out of high school, but I realize every little thing happens for a reason. So I regret nothing and enjoy everything that I have with a smile on my face.
So tonight will be one of those bittersweet nights. Sad to leave the friends I've made in school, happy as hell to finally be done and moving on!
Obama 08!!!
Did you vote? Are you ready to be part of one of the most historical moments in electoral history?
It looks like we could have our first Black President! I'm not really into politics and even I have been paying close attention. Are you as ready as I am? :)
*I've heard and read all the talk about uprisings and such if Obama wins. So I hope everyone stays safe tonight and tomorrow (and the days after).*
Two great events for me in one day!
Doesn't seem it could get any better.
So if you see me smiling to myself today, just smile back and know it's a beautiful day today!
"Happiness = Balance.
It may not be an equal scale but the beauty is trying to do so."

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