Apr 15, 2008

He Said: She Won't Say I Do

He said:
"We've been together for years now.
Just as any other couple, had our ups and downs, good and bad. But there's always love between us. We moved in together and lived together for almost 3 years now. Just this last year we bought a house together. We have two kids together. We pay bills together. We do everything that a married couple would do.
But the minute I ask Her to marry me, She tells me She's not ready.
Here we are making commitments to each other every other way but marriage is out of the question? I just don't get it. I mean, technically we are a commonlaw marriage. So why not make it official and recognized before God?
I've done all I can to figure out what the problem could be. And unless She has a very deeply hidden secret (like a marriage not yet annulled or something), I've come to feel that maybe She just doesn't want to be committed to me in particular.
What do you think?"
Lovingly Committed to Her

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