Apr 18, 2008

Friday Randomness

Today is a beautiful day. Our first day of the year where the temperatures have reached 84 degrees. So naturally, it seemed only right to take the girls to a park or lake to get some good spring weather air. Usually I say "Go ahead, take the girls, I'll stay home (with the baby)." But because I simply could not resist the warm weather at 10am, I was out the door.
As soon as we get to the lake, guess who decided to show her ass and cry and scream and yell as if someone was stabbing her? Yes, Erika. She's hollering as if there is a pain running through her whole body. So her pamper is checked, to make sure she's not pissy; she's given her juice cup to assure she's not dehydrated. She'd just finished eating so I was more than sure it wasn't hunger. I look at the clock on my Blackberry and realize it's nap time. Okay fine. So I tell Tre I'm going to sit in the Envoy, to try to get her to sleep. I'd rather sit in the car with the doors open and windows down than to hear her yell like a banshee at the lake. But oh no..it's never that simple. We get to the car, and at first she seems to want to just not be held. She literally climbs out of my lap. So I'm thinking she wants to play with the steering wheel. No! She gets into the drivers seat and slides all the way down to the gas pedal. I pick her up and begin to rock her...mind you, she's still hollering at the top of her little lungs. My patience is starting to wear. I rock and rock and rock. I'm rocking like Sophia on The Color Purple at Thanksgiving Dinner. Still, she screams. Finally I text Tre and tell him to just take me and Erika home. I'll put her to sleep at the house and he and the girls can come back and finish their daddy/daughters fishing day. Of course, I hate this. Because even though it may seem I hate to go to the park or the lake, it's not because I don't want to go. It's simply that every time, I do the motherly thing and want to keep an eye on the youngest who is not occupied for fear that their boredom will somehow lead to some danger. I know. Weird. And instead of bothering those who are enjoying themselves, I'd rather just stay home. I already know what will happen. But the day, today, that I give in and decide I wont bother with all of that, Erika shows me that "YES YOU WILL MOMMY" lol
On another note, Sunday morning I will be leaving to go to Empire Beauty School's National Competition, which will be held in Hershey, Pennsylvania this year. Excited is not the word. Even though I will be attending one of the biggest events of the Empire 'curriculum', I am sad to see that my girls Danielle and Geneva will not be joining me. Last year we had a blast. We lost our voices from all the screaming and excitement of the day. I believe we were awake until 3am that morning walking the halls and just shouting our school "motto" lol.

Of course I'll have the Kodak with me so there'll be plenty of pictures and hopefully by Tuesday I'll have a DVD slide show ready for sale. lol
Tomorrow is the Hopkins fight. If you don't know, you'd better find out. I'm excited. I love boxing.
Yes! Don't forget (because I wont let you forget) that my birthday is on the 30th. I'm accepting monetary and alcoholic gifts. (and if you have to ask what kind of alcohol I prefer, just don't even worry about giving me anything).
Have a wonderful weekend. I know I wont be able to blog until the middle of next week so this is goodbye until then.


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