Mar 16, 2005

Home Again

Home at last. Me and the husband had to go to California for a funeral. His grandmother passed 2/16/05. So we took the train to NC to drop the kids off at my mother's house and then got on the plane for the longest trip I've ever been on (so it seemed). Being claustrophobic and having the fear of planes, I hated the whole thing. The flight there was okay, but the flight back damn near killed me.
Anyway, Cali was okay. We did the whole tourist thing. Went to Rodeo Drive, drove through some neighborhoods with houses you only see on tv. Visited the Aquarium there. All in all I had a good time. Just wish we didn't have to make my first trip to meet his whole family for such a sad occassion.
Now that we're home, I decided to quit my job. I'm sure it's more than worth it. I can actually feel the bond me and the girls are building. We have more time to play, relate, relax together, and that feels good. Feels like I'm doing what I was put here to do: be the best mother and wife that I can.
While I was in NC my mother told me that she ran into "that boy's" (my sperm donor for my first child) sister, Cassandra. Heard she's pregnant and soon to be married. It's nice to know she's doing okay. I think she might have been the only one that came out normal. So good for her.
Speaking of that family, I just read a poem that was dedicated to someone I hate. And I love it. Good work, Latin! High five. lmao Hope you don't mind that I copy and paste it here. I love it so much!

posted by Shygirl_slt @ 3:22 PM

Ok just a lil something something cuz I'm aggitated and tired of this clown, so here goes a lil something for him. Told you not to test my kindness......SMH.
Fuck everything you ever said,
Fuck everytime we went to bed.
Fuck the trip you been on,
Fuck every place your dick has gone.
Fuck you and the way to lie,
Fuck every reason why.
Fuck everyone who cares for you,
Fuck every bitch you'll ever do.
I've put my feelings on a shelf,
So you can go fuck yourself.
Fuckin turn and fuckin hide,
I'll make you wish you fuckin died.
Fuck your bullshit and your hoe,
Look at you now stuck in a fuckin hole.
Fuck the dog, fuck the cat,
Fuck you wherever you're at.
Fuck the smog, fuck the gas,
Fuck you in your fuckin ass.
You fuckin flunked the fuckin test,
Guess your not the fuckin best.
Fuck the door, fuck the phone,
Fuck you when your all alone.
Take fuckin 1 from fuckin 2,
Ooops that fuckin leaves one and that's you.
I'm fuckin glad your fuckin gone,
You fucked me over for way too long.
Just one thing before I'm through,
Just three lil words....HEY FUCK YOU!!!

Couldn't have said it better myself, girl.
And on that note, I'm outta here.

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