Jan 10, 2014

Home-based job?

There are soooo many 'work at home jobs' out there that sometimes it seems like none of it can be real or worth it. I've tried the secret shopper job, the 'envelope stuffing', etc. only to realize that they weren't for me. As a secret shopper, I had to spend my own gas and money to 'secretly shop' only to earn less than what I spent to DO the job. 

Well, this link was posted on my Facebook page, and I was curious enough to click it. I signed up and was instantly rewarded with $25. After only 3 days, I'm up to more than $100!!! Seems way too easy right? But it's working. I'm not exactly sure HOW it works but so far, so good, so I'm not complaining. (lol) 
Would you like to give it a try? Join me by clicking here !!!! 

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