Mar 7, 2012

TheBlogDare: Mar7

And what a beautiful Wednesday it is! 

Today's blogdare is Recipes that baffle me. Don't laugh at me okay?
  1. Lasagna. Everyone will tell me that making homemade lasagna is not hard and just takes time but I've seen it done before and I am pretty sure that somewhere along the way, I would mess it up. Either it wouldn't taste the way I want it to or my noodles would be undercooked or something!
  2. Baked chicken. Sounds easy, right? I can make baked chicken but I ALWAYS overcook it and dry the meat out.  Never fails and I think it's because I have this fear of eating undercooked food so I let it cook longer than the recipe calls for at a lower temperature thinking that would help. But it doesn't.....sigh
  3. Rice. The flavored rices. The ones that require you to saute the rice in butter before adding the flavor packets and water. OMGoodness. Either the rice is overdone or under done but never just perfect. My husband usually ends up making the flavored rices when we choose to add it to dinner.
It's crazy that as much as I love to cook and eat, these three simple things frustrate and confound every time. Almost thirty-three years of living and still the same! lol *smh*

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