Jul 26, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Days Thirteen & Fourteen

*Again, I'm playing catch-up because I missed posting on Monday. So I'll be doing two posts in one.*
Day 13: Your opinion about your body & how comfortable you are with it.

I've gone from a size 2 after the birth of my first child and before marriage (in the picture below)
 to a size 14, after three kids and marriage and lots of good eating (below) lol.
Now, I won't say that I'm happy with my weight but I am happy and confident enough in myself to love myself just fine. Even when I was skinny, I longed to be a little 'thicker'. I was a small 98 lbs until my 4th month of my first pregnancy. After my second child, I started noticing the weight gain wasn't dropping as quick as it did the first time. By the third child, my energy level was super low and I started hitting the higher three digits on the scale. Then when I started going to school at night, I was drinking Coca Cola like it was the last thing on Earth, to stay awake during class. That helped NONE! A friend and I started going to the gym on base after class and I lost a few pounds and even more inches. But when she moved, it was over. I had no workout buddy and lost all motivation to go every night.
Mother's Day, Mister bought the Wii I had been begging for because I kept hearing about the Wii Fit and how awesome it is to help you lose weight. The picture above is from earlier this year when I had started using the Wii every day. I lost almost 15 pounds in the first month. I was HAPPY! That picture was the first full body picture I had taken of myself in a very long time.
Unfortunately, I've stopped using the Wii every day and now it's very sporadic. Not that it's an excuse but my health issues, on TOP of the perimenopause,  have been major reasons why I'm not doing it every day like I'd like. I've been at the same weight for the last three months. Not my ideal weight but thankfully not gaining any weight.
So I guess I can say I am happy as far as body image and confidence, etc but not exactly happy about the weight itself.  I'm no supermodel, or "MILF", and you won't see me at the pool or beach in a bathing suit without a cover up but I love my body and myself just as much as the next Jenny Craig commercial spokesperson. (lol) Comfortable is the word I'm looking for, I guess.
I'll get to MY ideal and perfect weight soon enough though. With the life changes my family is going through, I'm making my health and weight a part of the new priorities.

Day 14: What you wore today.
Oh, so exciting.
Today, I decided to glam it up. I pulled out that new outfit I've had sitting in the back of my closet, waiting for the perfect day to feel divinely beautiful. The jeans that fit my curves just right. The shirt that accentuates my womanly breasts. The heels that give my bottom that extra lift. The jewelry I only pull out for "date nights". The makeup that belongs in front of the camera and on some magazine cover. And to top it off, the perfume that drives Mister crazy.
All this on a simple Tuesday? And nowhere to go?..............
Today, I pulled out my favorite brown shirt that fits my mood to the very core. It reads "If you have something to say, raise your hand and place it over your mouth!". Light brown stretch capris. No need to put on shoes because I'm staying in the house today. No makeup today. A small mist of perfume on my neck. Today is one of those days I would have preferred to sleep in until the sun went down. But I can't. 
Maybe tomorrow I'll pull out the new outfit...afterall, it will be Wednesday..........

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