Apr 29, 2011

Obama Birth Certificate

What are you thoughts and opinions on the Obama Birth Certificate Proof?

I love watching The View. Hot Topics tends to be my favorite part of the show. Whoopi & Joy are undoubtedly my favorite hosts.
The episode with Donald Trump as a guest persisting that President Obama NEEDS to show his birth certificate got under my skin a little bit. So I was happy to watch the ladies address the issue on Wednesday, April 27th.
Although I'm glad Mr. Obama was able to quiet the naysayers, I also hate that he felt the need to. *smh* As it's been stated before, there's never been an issue about any other president's birth certificate, so why was it such an issue with President Obama?
Is it racism?
"It is very difficult, on a daily basis, to see this stuff and not say, 'you know, this is what it is." -Whoopi Goldberg

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F.a.Ellis said...

Great,great, great post! I agree with you 100%.I have to agree President Obama shouldn't hd to stoop to Trumps level of ignorances,But! I guess he had to prove him wrong.NOW! The thing is the table should be turn on Trump,and see what he got hidden in his closet....Hmmm

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