Feb 18, 2011

Early Friday Random

So as I'm on my way to bed, I lay down and realize I still have my glasses on. Every ' four-eyes' knows laying down COMFORTABLY in spectacles is damn near impossible.
This immediately made me wish I had my contacts in. But because I'm one of those that wear the extended contacts to the death, my eyes are now crying for oxygen so I have to wear my glasses for a day or two.
At the same time I immediately start to think about Lasik surgery. I've wanted it since I first saw the commercial for it but after looking up the risks, I kind of fell back and decided to wait. Here I am now on the cusp of 32 and blind as a bat, seriously considering going for it. I dream of the freedom to be able to wake up without moisturizing my eyes or feeling around for my glasses. Only thing really holding me back is my fear of something going wrong and me ending up without sight...scary thoughts.
Lasik surgery. To do or not to do? Anyone done it or know someone who has?

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