Jan 11, 2011



Here we are on 1/11/11.
I wonder how many people are going to play those numbers for a lottery today?

Anyway, today is just another day. I’m literally sitting here waiting. Waiting for the snowstorm we’re supposed to get hit with. Waiting for the mother of the child I babysit to drop off the child, who is usually here by 8 a.m. Waiting for this nonsense on Jersey Shore to be over. I can’t even believe I’m sitting here watching it in the first place. lol The drama is…..omg.

Anyway, Mister & I are making plans to go to Vegas next month. We were supposed to go last year, but didn’t make it. I’m really hoping we get to go. I’ve always wanted to go. One of the many things on my bucket list.

Other than that, it’s just another day. I’m blogging from Windows. Just wanted to make sure Windows Live Writer is working right. I like that I can use this without having to open the browser, login, edit, etc. Might be the only way I blog from now on.

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