Apr 11, 2008

This Is She

While I was absent from this blog for a while, I did blog here and there on my MySpace blog.

This is one that I posted that I thought should definitely be here.

8:12 PM - This Is She.....
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Yeah so they thought that the "Tae" they know is me.
All the real ones know Tae isnt Shontae. Tae is the new, modified version of what was put here.
"Tae" is the nice, accepting, hospitable part of Shontae that lets alot of what shouldnt be BE!
If you know the real SHE then you would know that the She you know is just Tae...you know that Shontae is buried within...screaming to get out and tell everyone that shouldnt be here to GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!
Shontae wants to tell everyone who's come into my life after 2002 who is false to(in the words of the Infamous) SUCK SOMETHING AND DIE SLOW! *luv ya babe*
Shontae wants to be happy with everything she does and everyone she knows. These past few years I have allowed alot of fake shit into my life, human and otherwise. I've let people into my Personal Space who wouldnt get the time of day if they were dying. People who I saw as poison and who I knew should be kept at more than arms length.

*and i hate to say it, but if you're questioning whether I'm talking about you, then u probably are THAT POISON i'm letting go *smh**

Years ago, I would have seen the 'mess' and stopped it before it infected me. But because I thought that 'acceptance' meant change, I let those fake fuckas in. No more...this year marks a new year... a year of change for Taurus The Bull...a change that will have alot of people mad at me. But I shrug because if you cant see the poison that you bring to the table then I'll just sit back and watch you eat. And while you die slowly from infecting yourself (or with whoever else takes the fork or spoon) I'll pray for you. I'll pray that in your next lifetime you are happy with yourself enough to bring happiness to someone else.
I've realized that after letting the poison in, it spread to other areas of my life. From affecting my conscience to the life I live with the man I love.
Yeah, Ive let alot of unneccessary shit bother my married life...but as God as my witness, this is a new day.

So if ;you find yourself being ignored, or deleted, or passed by with so much as a glance, remember that you read this. Take in that this was your warning.

Shontae Is Back!!!

Love Me Or Hate Me...Either Way...I Will Go On!

Live, Love, Laugh

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