Feb 9, 2006

Valentine's Day Around The Corner

Happy Valentine's Day!
I know, I know. I'm almost a week early. But you see I dont post a blog as often as I would like so HAPPY V-DAY to you and yours. Hope your day is full of love and surprises.
Well, it's been 5 months that I'm smoke free! Yay for me, right?! It's hard though. There are alot of times when I get stressed when I would kill for a Newport. But I've been holding out. And it feels good. I even started working out. Trying to get on a regular schedule.
The kids are doing good. Eboni just turned 2 on the 23rd of last month. She's getting the potty training down. Thank God. Pampers are killin me. lol
Emani is doing good in school. We went to a parent-teacher conference and the teacher said "Emani is very helpful...sometimes TOO helpful but I love it. She always seems eager to help other children who might be having trouble with an activity. You can tell she likes coming to school." I was so proud at that moment. Because I realized then that even though she may act up at home, my baby does good in school. Pays attention, listens, and helps. Dont get me wrong..she does the same at home, but she seems to have a shorter attention span when she's home with me. lol
Oh, we got a new car. A 2003 GMC Envoy. Electric blue. I love it! We've only had it about a month but it's so nice. I love driving an SUV. Only downfall: with the gas prices now, it takes damn near $50 to fill up, compared to $20 when I was driving my Ford Escort wagon a few years ago. lol But oh well....you get a bigger car, you HAVE to expect that.
Well, I'm outta here. It's 8:00 and the tv lineup is starting. Puttin the kids to bed. Do dishes.
Talk to you later.
Thanks for droppin by!


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